American-German Dating Service and Singles Events


US Love Wiesbaden is your unique American German dating service in the greater Wiesbaden region. I am dedicated to connecting American singles stationed with the US Forces in Germany with European singles in Germany.

If you love the idea of special romance that comes with an inter-national relationship and want to find an inter-national partner in Germany, US Love Wiesbaden has the connections and is a personal, more old-fashioned approach to match-making.

Knowing all members in person, I can verify the person behind the photos and avoid fake profiles. Register and review hand-selected profiles of singles with the best matching introductions. Contact information is disclosed when you decide to date your match in person.

As a member, you can also join our singles events in Wiesbaden. The next ice-breaker event will take place soon. Enjoy a fun night out and meet other singles who are interested in an inter-national date.

Being a German from Wiesbaden, I work at US Army Europe (USAREUR) and have lived in the US for years. The combination of my origin and my work environment formed my concept to found US Love Wiesbaden.

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